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The following links provide access to websites of friends, colleagues and other associates.


Survival is the only international organization supporting tribal peoples worldwide. They were founded in 1969 after an article by Norman Lewis in the UK’s Sunday Times highlighted the massacres, land thefts and genocide taking place in Brazilian Amazonia. Like many modern atrocities, the racist oppression of Brazil’s Indians took place in the name of ‘economic growth ‘

Today, Survival has supporters in 82 countries. They work for tribal people’s rights in three complementary ways: education, advocacy and campaigns. They also offer tribal people themselves a platform to address the world. They work closely with local indigenous organizations, and focus on tribal peoples who have the most to lose, usually those most recently in contact with the outside world.

Society for Shamanic Practitioners

We are the UK Directors of this growing body. The Society is a charity and was founded in America in 2004 being an alliance of people deeply committed to the re-emergence of Shamanic practices that promote healthy individuals and viable communites .

Sacred Hoop Magazine

The formost international magazine promoting and honuring shamanic traditions and those that keep them alive. Owned and edited by Nick Breeze Wood

Shaman Portal

The Global Resource for all things Shamanic.


Sacred Drumming with Doug Blacksmith of N’Goma Kundi Drummers Learn Traditional Rhythms from Mali and Guinea Create Sacred Space for Ceremony and Healing

Telephone - 0208 876 9296

Rosemary Taylor – Shamanic Healer

A Shamanic Healer who channels healing voice sounds and rune energies within her practice in Glastonbury.

Spiral Heart Healing Centre

Leslie and Andrew Marsh have now got a website which shows the beauty of the shamanic and other life changing work they are offering to the community in Scotland.

The Oracle

Free magazine listing local events and directory of services in Glastonbury, Somerset.

Drums and Rattles

Nicholas Breeze Wood

Robyn Fell

Pat Dunnicliffe and Del Woods

Jinny Peberday

David Wilson – Drum Maker

Grimsby, NE Lincolnshire


Tel: 0752 821787

Howard and Elsa Malpas are experienced Shamanic practitioners with over thirty years of experience in Shamanism and teaching the sacred art.

To contact Howard and Elsa, please use the contact page.


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