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Warrior in the Heart Foundation

Soul Regeneration Training

A transformational Journey with Howard Malpas assisted by Mark Loman and Claudette Griggs.

This training is for Therapists to be able to use in their own practice with people or businesses, or for personal growth.

On this course you will learn and experience:

  • Meeting specialist Faery nature Spirit guides and acknowledging them as representatives of the spirit of Mother earth.
  • How to reclaim parts of you that you have put in the 'Shadow'.
  • Different ways of using Extraction Medicine and De-Possession.
  • Learn more about your own Ancestral line.
  • A powerful healing for your 'Caretaker' soul essence.

The foundations of this training came about when working shamanically with those suffering from mental health disorders. We found that although the Soul Retrieval process had positive effects in the short term, people often reverted back to their original distressed state after some time. After reading and being inspired during an article by Mary Courtis called Soul Renewal in the Journal of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners, we were not only excited, but also inspired to check with our own shamanic helpers to see if some of the points raised by Mary in her article were applicable to what we were looking for.We journeyed to our allies and were gently guided to work in this different way. Our results have been excellent for everyone, including those with mental health disorders. We now wish to share this work with others.

We shall be working with Faery guides and Nature spirits to take care of the part of our soul essence that has looked after us through thick and thin, we call this our ‘caretaker’ soul part. When traumatic situations have occured in our lives and part of our soul essence has fragmented and moved away, this part of our soul essence has always stayed to look after us. but now needs its own healing.

When our Faery guides tell us it is time, we will allow them to take away our soul essence who needs a holiday and bring into our being a soul part to look after us at this time and stay when our ‘caretaker’ returns. This soul part did not leave due to a trauma, this part is an ancient part of our own divinity, which we have not be able to accept previously , an enlightened part of our Christ consciousness.

The ‘caretaker’ is moved away to ‘the land of fae’ as the new soul essence is coming in. Whilst away we have been shown the ‘caretaker’ soul part acting out its deepest desires, and having its dreams fulfilled in a most delightful way.

There is much preparing that the guides do before the process of moving out the soul part, this involves reclaiming parts of ourselves that we have put into our Shadow place.

Extraction Medicine is used to remove intruding spirit energy which is alien to our own and De-Possession techniques to remove soul parts from us that are not part of our own soul energy.

There are also different extraction and de-possessions that need to be completed before the holidaying part is returned to its owner.

These shamanic interventions relate to ancestral threads left by relatives who have passed into spirit. Although these ancestral spirits have ‘moved into the light’ they have not fully completed the transition and have left threads of themselves behind. During this part of the healing these threads are all cleared and returned to where they belong, empowering all involved.

Everyone on the course will get their own Soul regeneration experience.

For more information see our article in Issue 63 of Sacred Hoop Magazine.

Here Is a Breakdown of Each Meeeting

First Meeting -non-residential in Glastonbury.

3rd and 4th October 2020.

Meeting our main specialist Faery guide to oversee all events and actions. Meeting our Faery Extraction specialist and De-Possession specialist guides.

Looking at what is in our Shadow by visiting the Cave of Mysteries to help us see what is there and how we can relaim it.

Second Meeting- 5 days Residential at Earthspirit Centre Nr. Glastonbury.

16th-20th November 2020.

Using Extraction Medicine and De-Possession guides to remove all that needs to be removed at this time. It may be essences of other people or their energies that we have take on to make ourselves feel good, these are all things we have drawn to ourselves to feel better about ourselves and sometimes just to survive.

We shall experience a long trance dance during this time.

This is the transition time when the ‘caretaker’ soul part is taken to the Faeries and the new powerful ancient soul essence is returned. The Divine enlightened part of our soul essence that we have not been able to fully connect with before in this life. It is possible now as we have cleared the obstacles standing in the way of this happpening.

A gentle but powerful experience.

Third Meeting – 5 days Residential at Earthspirit Centre Nr. Glastonbury.

1st -5th February 2021

During this time we shall be seeking some visions of what is going on for our ‘caretaker’ at this time.

Preparing for the return of this soul part we shall be working with Extraction and De-Possession focusing particularly on ‘threads’ left from ancestors who have passed over but not completed their transition and have left unneeded energy with us.

This energy will be returned to its rightful place empowering both our ancestral line and ourselves.

The ‘caretaker’ is ready to return and be greeted by the soul essence that came in to look after you whilst that part was away with the Faeries.

A powerful ceremony to acknowledge the return of the ‘caretaker’ and equalising energies of the ’ Caretaker ’ and the Divine part.

This is a time of great celebration, intense feelings of Joy and emotional release. The whole experience has a deepening effect.

Celebrating the journey we have travelled together.

Fourth Meeting- non-residential in Glastonbury.

10th and 11th April 2021

Re-capping and discussing the programme for therapists to use when working with clients wanting to experience this transformation.

At this time you will be receiving an opening as your Faerie guides work with your energy to prepare you to work with Contact Healing, Distance healing and Companies or Projects who are in need of Soul Regeneration Healing.

All graduates will be given a workbook for their work with clients.

Cost: £1300.00 includes all residential costs. Instalment plans are available.

Warrior in the Heart Foundation Group Insurance is available with Balens.

£50 Deposit saves your place.

Please contact us for details of our next course.


Mark Loman

Mark Loman has been a part of the Warrior in the Heart Foundation teaching faculty since 2003. His humour and down to earth approach endears him to students. He specialises in Extraction and De-Possession Medicine.

He is also a Shaman Smith who fashions sacred objects using Gold and Jewels with loving intent. He has an ever growing family of six cats and four dogs.


Howard and Elsa Malpas are experienced Shamanic practitioners with over thirty years of experience in Shamanism and teaching the sacred art.

To contact Howard and Elsa, please use the contact page.


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