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Warrior in the Heart Foundation

Shamanic Practitioner Training

Circle 17

This is a one year training, covering the main tenents of Shamanic Practice.

Some choose to attend this course purely for their own growth, others, who want to practice, will need to complete some case studies under my supervision. For dates and cost, Contact us at: warriorintherheart[@]

Note: After completing the practitioner training, you are eligible to join our past graduate’s Circle called ‘The Blue Canoe Sacred Circle’ This was initiated in the year 2000. It is a peer group, open to all who complete the training. We meet four times a year for a day in Glastonbury for sharing and updating our knowledge, looking after ourselves and holding a ceremony for world healing. There is no fee for this. We chip in to hire the room.

When you have completed all your training including case studies, you will be invited to join our register of Shamanic Practitioners.

The Warrior in the Heart Foundation has its own block insurance scheme at Balens Insurance should you choose to have it .

Comments from previous students

After a year of listening to your sage words the moment is ripe for you to fall silent for just a few minutes. This is the time for us students to redress that balance and from all our hearts express our deep felt thanks for all the work, effort, support and kindness you have given us over the last year.

The very best teachers effect eternity for they never know where their influence stops. Both as a group and individually we have all grown into our shamanic reality and nurtured our souls so they can bloom into their potential. What sculpture is to a block of marble education is to the soul. All of ours have been forever reshaped by your guidance and for that we will be ever grateful. There is that old legend of the Indian woman who over her life weaves her wonderful blanket but will leave a flaw in it to let the soul free.

Howard and Elsa taking our meagre shamanic abilities with powerful intent you have produced a beautiful tapestry where our flaws have been shown as important parts of our whole without which our spirits cannot fly free. Horace the Greek philosopher best summed up the conundrum which exists in this world where people will hasten to remove anything which hurts their eye but postpone the cure for many years if it is something which affects their soul. What you have shown us is that maybe our group can join with the community, the shamanic movement you have created, a start to reset the balance.

Now comes the hard part. I’ve never understood where the good is in goodbye. But, I have learnt not to be too dismayed. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again after moments or a lifetime is certain for those that are friends. That there is a close bond between our group is unquestionable and like the latitudes and longitudes that describe our earth friends can be far away but with a little thought you can always find them. I hope we can all remain in touch and continue to assist and support each other in our journeys ahead. As a good sailor I can tell you the world is round and the place that appears to be an end is also the beginning. We are all impatient for this new start. Thank you again for giving us a wonderful new course to steer.

With fondest blessings from all your shamanic practitioner students: 2009 – 2010

I have grown so much spiritually and have re-discovered my self worth and confidence.

Thank you for being a part of my voyage of discovery. I will always remember this and bless you for your love and hard work in making this course unforgettable.

You’re a truly inspiring couple in the truest sense of the word.

After years of searching I have found my magic.


Howard and Elsa Malpas are experienced Shamanic practitioners with over thirty years of experience in Shamanism and teaching the sacred art.

To contact Howard and Elsa, please use the contact page.


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