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Warrior in the Heart Foundation

Shamanic Space Clearing


(Smudging - Meaning Purify with Smoke)

We have been using and teaching this technique for over 20 years and never fail to enjoy the magic of seeing the change that can happen by using a Ceremony such as this to move stale, compacted energy.

It works on many levels, which is much easier to understand when we recognise that everything we do, feel and are, affects our surroundings in some way, so that the energy we are living in and with, can become stale and unloving rather than flowing and free.

We have experienced some dramatic changes happening for people concerning their businesses, relationships and lifestyles, often bringing more joy in just being alive, after Space Clearing their homes or places of work.

  • If you are clearing a large area it is good to work in pairs
  • Be aware you are working with powerful energies
  • Trust your Higher Power
  • Know your intention, keep it strong
  • Tray for Altar
  • Symbols of Elements of nature i.e.
  • Crystal (Earth) Feather (Air) Candles (Fire) Water
  • Bells - Large, Medium and Small

You do not need fancy equipment, we used saucepans and saucepan lids when we started.

  • Drum - or saucepan, anything to bang loudly
  • White Sage to burn

We recommend and use White Sage, having found this to be wonderfully purifying and less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

  • Shell or small fireproof dish to hold the Sage when burning
  • Smudger i.e. feather, fan or anything to move the smudge smoke


Set up the Altar using the symbols of nature, in the energy centre of the building or room to be, cleared. This is not always the geographical centre; it is the centre of energy flowing in and flowing out. Intuitively sense where this is.

Smudge, using lit White Sage and a feather, fan or your breath to blow the smoke around everyone who wants to be part of the Ceremony.

At the Altar call in a Higher Power ( whatever feels appropriate for you, we personally call in Archangel Michael)

Then we call in the elements of nature, honour the four directions, and call on Archangel Michael to help us in clearing this space.

Then trust you are supported.

Start with one room and complete the process in that room before moving to the next

Go round the room once AND QUICKLY - either drumming or banging a saucepan lid loudly. You are stating your intention to any stale, blocked and compacted energy, that you are here to move and refine that energy - allowing it to be part of the flow of life once again.

Next go round the room with a large bell or whatever you are using. Concentrate particularly in corners, around television sets, computers, curtains, settees and beds.

If working in pairs, your partner follows you, blowing smoke from the Sage into those places, to purify this energy as it is awakened.

Next one of you does the same thing with the middle bell sound.

When that is complete, the partner does the same thing with a small bell or tinkly sound.

If you are working on your own, just do everything in the order described.

That completes the process for one room.

When all rooms are cleared, return to the Altar and give thanks for the help received from the sage, the elements and the Higher Power. We usually play a tune on flute and drum to show our gratitude. Do what is appropriate for you, the universe loves us to be creative.

Leave a crystal ( a small one is as effective as a large one) to be placed where it is appropriate, to keep the energies flowing.

Know it is done.

Howard and Elsa Malpas are experienced Shamanic practitioners with over thirty years of experience in Shamanism and teaching the sacred art.

To contact Howard and Elsa, please use the contact page.


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