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HOWARD'S MILK STORY— A Mystic Happening

Question - What is love ? For me it has been, and is, such a big word, too big for me to embrace fully.

I meditated and I got this - Love includes. So does love exclude anything, can it, how can it ? So, if I am to be a loving man, must I include all things - impossible. I asked Great Spirit for help and I wish to share what I was given here.

Howard, there are two ways to know love…

I was shown a great forest and was invited to step into it and travel I knew not where to, I assumed to the other side, it did not feel like a comfortable invitation. I was told that each tree was a tree of learning, if I wanted to learn about love I must sit at the base of each tree and learn its lesson. Before me stretched a vast forest, it did not feel right. Then in my vision appeared a shining one, he spoke, “one way to learn what love is, is to know every avenue of hate” as he spoke the forest before me grew more menacing and yet in some deep way, very familiar. The voice said , “you and people like you have sat under all the great trees in the forest, much work has been done, much has been learned: the knowledge is within you”. Then another vista opened, a river to cross and small canoe before me, I entered the canoe and set out.

Some time later Elsa and I arrived in Somerset UK to teach a course having been in London for two weeks, we live in a caravan there. I was exhausted and desperate to get out on the moors that surround the area, a place that is full of good nature spirits. I felt drained and needed the energy. It was almost torrential rain so I went to unfold my wax coat which lay on a chair in the caravan. I held it out in front of me the lining facing my chest and from above my head a white liquid poured down out of, well, nowhere. It splashed down the lining of my coat. I turned to see if it came from behind but only Elsa was there looking totally amazed as she saw approximately a cup of liquid from nowhere splash down my coat. It was milky but as white as can be, more white than cows milk. As it dribbled down my coat onto the floor I was intrigued and instinctively dipped my finger in to taste it. It was very sweet and fresh. It felt like a blessing but we didn’t understand the message.

A few days later I was working in a Mental Health Clinic in London as a Therapist, giving a Shiatsu treatment for a new client. She is in great pain. Her big toe joint was severely arthritic and she was soon to have a joint replacement operation. Towards the end of the session, I held her foot and asked the Spirit of love to help. Some minutes passed and she raised her head and sighed saying “I feel like my foot is being bathed in a bowl of warm milk”. At the end of the treatment I asked her what she meant , she simply said “it felt like the milk of human kindness”, She was certainly in less pain when we parted company.

Great poets and mystics have shone fragments of the great light of love upon us, love cannot be defined in words, only felt, however, these are some power words which I feel are some of the children of love: Kindness, Compassion, Courage, Humility.

I believe it is time for us all to add our own given names to this great vibration.


Our Journeys are ever deeper charting the map of scars riven in our souls by time.

Map these scars and embrace them.

These are our teachers, the hard lessons this life has put our way.

Just as the hurdler makes his jumps.

We traverse the narrow ever winding paths and pitfalls which lead us to our personal salvation.

Shedding layers as a snake sheds its skin.

We metamorphosis in to the real US, the pain of change soon forgotten, replaced with utter bliss.

Our destination to be a living part of ALL THAT IS

We have taken the first faltering steps, we do this together yet separate, each going their own way.

But all arriving at the same destination, joyous be we the brave.

Mark Loman, 2004

Warrior of the Heart

Welcome child, Welcome

Bring forth your beautiful innocence

Do not hide it behind a shield of fear

But wear it proudly as the finest of robes

I sense fear in your heart

Fear not For vulnerability and innocence are the sharpest of swords

Clearing the pathway to wisdom and peace

It is through lack of knowledge that we learn

And when you stand tall and open

With soft underbelly exposed

Shouting to the world “Kill me or teach me!”

Then you are truly a Warrior of the Heart.

Steffan Bowen 2003

The Call

This is a call

A call to reawaken

The truth is within us

As the illusions become shaken.

Shamans lift your rattles

Healers raise your hands

Witches chant your spells

And magicians poise your wands

Warriors sharpen swords

Of wisdom stealth and wit

Artists open up

To the chanelling of spirit.

Now is the time

As never before

Our energies must fuse

And create a global cure

We won’t be moved by fear

Or become distracted by lies

But find strength in our unity

And by opening our eyes.

Brothers sisters learn

How to embody love

For this is what we’re here to do

It’s what we are made of.

Listen to the wisdom

Of the invisible guides

Follow your hearts

And soon you will realise

This vision is not bullshit

It’s not just pie in the sky

It’s where we’re headed inevitably

As we see through the disguise.

Follow the signs and lessons

Written into the stories of your lives

And watch how your true nature

Is to be beautiful and wise.

What’s your unique power?

What is your role to be?

As we come together to manifest

This new reality.

There’s no need for competition

Or illusions of dichotomy

As we heal ourselves we heal each other

Cause you just reflect me.

We will see the huge potential

That we’re here to manifest

Individually and collectively

Upon this madness quest

Understand the darkness

As well as the light

For they are fused together

Somewhere just out of sight.

Both have lessons to teach

The quickly judging narrow mind

Just open to their wisdom

And the answers you will find.

As the petals are unfolding

And we’re learning to surrender

Expand our sense of selves

And our vast ego defender

We see there’s so much more

To this reality creation

It’s a rollercoaster paradox

An insane celebration

But it’s also the biggest lesson

In remembering what we are

A global re-awakening

A voyage to the stars.

This is the call

A call to become you

To build a new reality

Which at last is based on truth.

Anon, 2006

Howard and Elsa Malpas are experienced Shamanic practitioners with over thirty years of experience in Shamanism and teaching the sacred art.

To contact Howard and Elsa, please use the contact page.


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