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Our story

We met in this life many years before meeting physically. During the early 70’s, Elsa was a spiritual medium doing a great deal of rescue work. She was aware of often doing this whilst in a sleep state as well as consciously organising it. She had vague memory of going to a place, a very difficult place to bring back a soul. There seemed to be a difference about this journey, but she did not question this feeling as it was the sort of thing she was involved with on a regular basis.

At the same time Howard was in Sardinia travelling with a group of Christians who were travelling through Italy, spreading the word of God, they claimed they were saving souls, this was more true than Howard realised at the time. After he had been travelling with this group for some months a strange thing happened. Every so often an Italian priest called Giovanni used to join the group, he had an old green Morris Minor and there was always great excitement when he arrived.

One time when he arrived the group told Howard he would be going on a journey in Giovanni’s car. Howard remembers that they set off and went to a place called Nuavo. When they arrived there Giovanni gave Howard a huge bundle of money and told him to give it to the Priest. This place had an air of foreboding about it. They were parked just outside the main square and opposite the church. When they arrived the square was deserted, but very quickly people started appearing from all over the square. They looked odd having mal-formed features and were drooling and spitting and felt very threatening. Howard was pretty scared, but when he saw the Priest coming out of the church he dutifully took the money over to the Priest who was not keen to take the money, but kept saying “just go, go quickly”, however, Howard would not go until he had been able to leave the money with the Priest.

The Priest finally took Howard to what looked like a drain and told him to drop the money down there and go. Howard dropped the money in this drain and then found himself in a cavern underground. He could see the strange Zombie like creatures rushing to catch and argue over the money he had dropped down the drain. He then became aware of being naked and seeing a beautiful casket in an alcove, he lifted the lid and inside was a soul about half a metre long and shaped like an eye shimmery with changing colours and concertina like depths. The others were still busy arguing over the money when Howard became aware of another presence, a female presence clad in a purple cloak which covered her head as well as her body: he was aware that this garment was covering a brilliant light. She opened the casket, took out the soul and put it under her cloak and at that moment Howard felt himself going inside her cloak.

The others had finished their arguing now and started trudging along in a seemingly purposeless manner but all going in the same direction. She joined a line of trudging people and just trudged along with them until they all turned right and she turned left. As she turned left, they were outside the cavern and into the bright sunshine. Howard did not want to leave her, but she said “you must go” and pointed to the right and there was the Morris Minor, she went to the left.

ElsaWhen we physically met in the early eighties some ten years later we were both at a crossroads in our lives, and had time and space to spend the first couple of years catching up with ourselves. We were told that Elsa had indeed rescued Howard’s soul at that time, and they had done this for each other many times in the lives they had shared together.

Howard had been taken on a shamanic journey by Giovanni and although sitting in the car, the car had not gone anywhere. During this time we were shown and told many things and met another of our Shamanic teachers.

At the end of that 2-year period, yet another of our Shamanic teachers appeared and lived with us for four years. At this time we were taken through many initiations. It has never seemed strange that a lot of our teachers found us and either lived with us or very near.

We are grateful to have been blessed with many wonderful wise ones who have inspired and remembered us

Howard and Elsa Malpas are experienced Shamanic practitioners with over thirty years of experience in Shamanism and teaching the sacred art.

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