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About Us

Elsa Malpas

Howard and Elsa have been studying and practicing Shamanism since 1983 and during that time have realised that it is more a remembering, an ancient knowing, rather than a learning.

Initiation into the way of the Shaman began for Elsa with total paralysis following polio at 11 years of age. She had a near death experience at this time. For 3 years she was in a wheelchair unable to walk. Gradually, with the help of guides and teachers from spirit, she managed to walk and overcome many other obstacles. These years of struggle have given her a compassion for all people and a desire to work with those who need support and help.

Howard Malpas

Howard was born in China. His opening began as a 9 year old sent to a school in Ireland. The school was organised by his first Shamanic teacher. Much time was set aside for attunement with nature. It was at this time he opened to his passion for nature and everything natural. He was able to sit quietly in a beautiful, ancient Celtic land, communicating eye to eye with the various animals and birds that approached him. This gave him a deep understanding of all things natural around him.

Howard and Elsa have been facilitating residential and non-residential Warrior in the Heart courses since 1994 and regard seeing the beautiful journey people are taking into themselves as a gift. Having discovered a passion for living through Shamanism, they simply want to share what they know, and help others to empower themselves.

Their work within the NHS since 1992 using Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Deep Relaxation Techniques, has been a pioneering effort, working for the health and well-being of all. Their specific areas of expertise are in addiction and mental health.

Many years ago when we first spent time living in Glastonbury, we were commuting to London to work in Hospitals and run Shamanic Workshops. Our dream was to move to Glastonbury and pass our work in the NHS in London onto others.

“It hasn’t worked out that way and for some reason we are still living in two places and commuting between London and Glastonbury. We know nothing happens by chance, and are aware that there is a very good reason for this but we havent been told the whole story yet.

“Over this time whilst in Glastonbury our living accommodation has changed from a conventional flat in town to a caravan, which we love, it feels more like living with nature and within nature. We are surrounded by a grove of trees, and an array of beautiful birds visit us daily and the moors are just round the corner. Perfect.

Read more about Howard and Elsa’s story here.

Howard & Elsa are both UK Directors of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners.

Elsa is a Director of The Isle of Avalon Foundation in Glastonbury, an Educational Not for Profit Company dedicated to promoting Spiritual growth.

"The Shamanic Way has given us much joy, wise counsel and passion for life."

Howard and Elsa Malpas are experienced Shamanic practitioners with over thirty years of experience in Shamanism and teaching the sacred art.

To contact Howard and Elsa, please use the contact page.


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